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...Not supported bNumDescriptors 1 bDescriptorType 34 Report wDescriptorLength 22 Report Descriptors: ** UNAVAILABLE ** Endpoint Descriptor: bLength 7 По сабжу: как я понимаю, у hid'а есть свой протокол надстроенный над usb.May 08, 2010 · The USB HID descriptor does indicate the ranges for USB, but this complicates things a bit for the device driver writer. Anyway, the sample joystick driver is here and a new version of the pong game is here . Jun 18, 2010 · There is a tutorial on libudev with a +working example at: + + +The HIDRAW API +-----+ +read() +-----+read() will read a queued report received from the HID device. On USB +devices, the reports read using read() are the reports sent from the device +on the INTERRUPT IN endpoint.