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Check your solution to the linear equation from the problem by substituting and evaluating both sides of the equation. View Answer Solve for x. 2(x - 6) + 15 = 9 Sep 02, 2008 · The Second Edition of this classic text maintains the clear exposition, logical organization, and accessible breadth of coverage that have been its hallmarks. It plunges directly into algebraic structures and incorporates an unusually large number of examples to clarify abstract concepts as they arise. 9.1.1 MYTH: A federal constitutional amendment is necessary for changing the current method of electing the President. 9.1.2 MYTH: The traditional and appropriate way of changing the method of electing the President is by means of a federal constitutional amendment. 9.1.3 MYTH: The Electoral College would be abolished by the National Popular Vote compact. 9.1.4 MYTH: The Founding Fathers ...